CheckMK Customized Views

CheckMK comes with a lot of great views, but they don’t always meet your specific needs. Say you want to see only one particular state of services or hosts, or see only hosts under a specific WATO folder or with a specific host tag, or want a view specifically for your workflow that none else uses, how can you do this? CheckMK makes it easy! The simplest way is to start off in an existing view that is as close to what you want. From there you can copy the view and customize it. 

This article will show customizing the states a view shows. We want a view that shows all services in Critical only. We’ll start with the “Service problems” default view shown in the Tactical Overview section. Once you are in that view, you will see a button along the top of the page “Edit View” (if not visible, click the three dots and it should be visible now). This will load the Clone view page. Important: Make sure you change the Unique ID and Title, or you will override the default view. You want to make sure that the Topic value matches one of the view headers, such as Services or Hosts as appropriate. If this is a view you want to share with other CheckMK users, make sure to check the “Make this view available for other users” box!

In this particular example, we don’t need to touch the View Properties section, the settings inherited are fine. The same is true with Columns, Sorting, and Grouping. The next section we want to edit for the purpose of seeing only Crit services is the Context/Search Filters section. The only thing we want to change here is to uncheck everything in the Service States except for Critical.

Once all that is done, click Save. After the page automatically reloads, you should see your new view! The new view in this example is called “Service problems – Critical only”

Please be aware that if you click on Edit view on a view you or someone else created, you will be editing that view instead of cloning it like when you click Edit view on a built in view. If you want to clone a view you made, go to the left bar, and click on Edit in the Views section. This will show a list of all built in and customized views your user account can access. You can delete customized views here, edit them, or clone views.

That is all you need to do for a simple clone of a default view and edit what is displayed. You can change what columns are shown, have additional filtering based on hostname/hostname regex or service name/service name regex or WATO folders for a couple examples. 
For more information please visit the CheckMK documentation at: Section 3

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