Creating A new Orion Map

Orion maps are Solarwinds new map system. The old one was Atlas Maps.  The new Orion maps come with many new features and are constantly having more added. 

To start creating a map, click My Dashboards > Orion Maps in the Home section.

Once at the create map area, click new map.  

The map page will show all maps created by you or all other users if you select all users. You, however, will not be able to edit other users maps, only save them as a duplicate under your name.

Once you are in the new map screen you will have a list of entities on the left side, in the Entity Library.  These can be dragged and dropped to anywhere on the map. Like the picture below.  

Once you have your nodes laid out where you would like them, you can connect them by holding Ctrl and clicking 2 of them, then you can connect them by selecting the “connect objects” tool. The tool will only appear when you have 2 entities selected on the map. 

After you click the “connect objects” tool another window will open asking which interfaces you want to use to connect the entities, this will depend on your environment.

Add custom images to Map Editor

Starting with Orion Maps 2019.4, you can enhance your maps by adding images outside of the monitored entities in Orion. This allows you to highlight the location of important elements, help users easily interpret a map, or enhance the overall look of your maps, such as adding your company’s logo to a map.

If you click the “insert image” tool which is right next to the “connect objects” tool, it will allow you to browse for an image to add to the background.  If you add a map, you will still need to manually place the entities where they need to be on the map. 

Here is a list of shortcuts to use when creating a map

Creating a new map from auto-generated Orion Map

  • Go to the details view of the entity you want to base your map on, and click the Map subview.  Located on the left menu bar.  This will automatically create a map with the entities. This is very helpful for groups of entities. 
  • Click open map in the map editor in the top right, this will allow you to edit and save the map. This will not affect the auto-generated map, you can only save as a new map, not overwrite. 
  • Once you have everything where you like it, click save and give it a name.  
  • This map will be under your username and ONLY you will be able to edit it, not even other admins will be able to.
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