Creating trap rules in Solarwinds

Now that you have your devices sending traps to SolarWinds it’s time to create some rules in SolarWinds. Rules can be very basic or very complicated, you have a lot of options.  First login to your Solarwinds environment and go to Alerts & Activity’s/Traps. In the upper right click Configure Rules. This will bring you to another page, then click Create a rule. Name the rule, and select if you want it enabled now or not. It’s best to not enable it first. You can turn the rule on after it’s created and you are sure it is correct.

On the 2nd screen you will see these options

If you have multiple devices sending traps to Solarwinds you will want to turn on “Fire this rule for specific sources” we will later set these sources. You have a lot of options here for setting the source. The reason behind this is you don’t want solarwinds to run every trap rule against every trap that comes in. You don’t want to run a CPU rule on a trap coming from a temperature sensor, it will slow the system down.

Next we can add an action. For this I am picking Stop Processing rules, which means after it sees this trap it will stop checking traps for this rule until it is reset. Then you want to click “Create a new alert that fires when this rule triggers”

Once you have setup the alert section click next and make sure everything looks correct on the summary page then click save. Once that is saved Solarwinds will automatically create an alert for this rule and link them. You can click on the alert and then the name of it to edit it, it will be the same as any other alert.

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