DC USB Configuration and Diagnostic Tooling

The DC units support several headless diagnostic operations. This requires a 500+MegaByte USB thumb drive formatted with a FAT32 filesystem.

Dumping Diagnostic Information

When a USB drive is inserted into the unit, diagnostic information will automatically be copied to a timestamped folder in the root of the drive, regardless of any other files present.

Creating a USB Drive

A pre-formatted USB drive was included with your DC.
If this is available, you may skip this.

To format a USB drive from a Windows computer:
Insert the USB drive, Right-Click on My Computer and go to Manage and then select Disk Management in the left column.

On the right column, Right-Click on your USB device and select Format.

Be sure File System is set to FAT32 and press OK.

Relay Testing

If a file named “loop” exists in the root of the USB device, the unit will perform a self-test, tripping all relays sequentially when the drive is plugged in.

To create this file on windows:

Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and change directory to the USB drive. In this case the USB drive is E:
and you can simply type “E:” at the prompt.

Once you have have entered the root of “E:” you can use the following command to create an empty file named loop:

type nul >>loop & copy loop +,,

Loading A USB Configuration

Copying the configuration file:

Copy your configuration file onto the root of the USB drive and be sure it is named “cfg.ini”.
By default Windows will hide file extensions so you may only see a file called “cfg”.
This is okay if the icon looks like a notepad with a gear.

Loading the configuration file:
After you have copied the file, plug the USB drive into the any of the USB ports on the unit.
When the drive is plugged in, diagnostic information will automatically be copied to it.
You will see status messages on the screen. Also note that polling will be disabled for this period.

Do not remove the drive until the screen says DONE.

Reloading the network configuration:
If you have updated IP address information you will need to open the Admin console and select Save and Restart Networking.

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