Helping to Copy Trap Definitions within SolarWinds

Currently there is no nice way of copying trap definitions within SolarWinds.  This might not sound like a bad thing until you have 30+ conditions and need to click 400+ times for each trap copy.  Ugh!

Here’s a sample of what we’re looking at.


The goal is to copy all those hand picked conditions from one trap (what you’re looking at) to another (ie setting up a clear trap).  I could go into this trap and click each one, copy and paste in notepad.  Then after all that, fire up a new trap and paste 1 by 1 in there.

There are a couple of tricks we can do to reduce *some* of this click work.



If we fire up the db manager and look in the ‘TrapRules’.  We should find the RuleName that we’re trying to copy.  Once found, copy the TrapRuleID and save for the next query


Once we’ve copied the TrapRuleID, we can fire off this next query


Notice the test values on the right that I’ve highlighted.  These are the the condition values.  You can simply highlight and right click to copy and then paste in notepad (yes yes or vi) for later.  In this way we’re *sure* that we’ve gotten the same value; no mis-types or extra spaces, etc.

I’ve found another small trick when copying over to the new trap.


Create your first condition and use ‘***’ (or anything really) for the value.

Now click the ‘Add a new OR condition’ below and it will copy that line for you.

I copy that line the exact number of conditions that I’m copying over so that when I’m done I should have used all these *** lines up.  If not, I missed one (please no).

I hope this helps and be sure to nudge our friends at SolarWinds to get a real copy-paste in the next release.






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