HW-Group Devices with Gmail

Google in 2014 made a huge change to their Gmail service by only accept encrypted connections. This caused many HW-Group products to be incompatible with Gmail. However, newer HW-Group devices have been updated to support encrypted connections (TLS). Additionally, Gmail has many features in place to protect its users. Sometimes these features make it difficult to use Gmail with HW-Group devices.

Below is a list of devices that work with Google’s Gmail service. If you have a device that is not listed, then Gmail will not work. If that is the case most ISP have an email relay you can use. If you need help setting up your HW-Group device with your ISP, TruePath is here to help. 

Upcoming products that will support TLS

  • Damocles2  

Settings to send mail using Gmail

To relay mail using Gmail the following parameters are required to be set on your HW-Group device.

SMTP Server: smtp-relay.gmail.com

SMTP port: 587

Email Sender Address: The email address you want the message to come from

Authentication: Yes

Secure TLS mode: Yes

Name/Password: Your Gmail username/password

Further obstacles with Gmail

Gmail has some additional security that is known to causes issues with equipment like HW-Group’s products. We advise you not disable these feature unless necessary. Make sure you test before disabling any of the suggestions below. Most of the time these changes are not required.

Unlocking Google’s Gmail CAPTCHA

In some event, Google requires your to proof you are not a robot or system. HW-Group devices cannot get past this enhanced security feature. The link below will allow you to disable CAPTCHA (aka “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” if you were wondering).


Allowing less secure apps to access your account

Google will sometimes block sign-in attempts from unknown devices or applications. It may be required to enable less secure access to be able to sign-in from your HW-Group device or software.


If you are having problems getting your HW-Group device to use Gmail or any other mail service, we here at TruePath Technologies are here to help. If you need assistances, please open a support ticket.

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