HW Group – Poseidon Family – Powerful Monitoring Tool With Data Logging Capacity

Logging & The HWG Poseidon Family

The Poseidon Family are an array of powerful logging sensor monitors from HW Group. With plug-in sensors, the devices can gather, store, and report a wide array of metrics:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Electric Voltage & Current
  • Leaks & Floods
  • Illumination
  • Up to twelve digital (on/off) circuit inputs (e.g. doors, motion sensors)
  • RS-485 Bus Sensors (Poseidon2-4002 Only)

These metrics can be monitored live through a number of common methods:

  • HTTP/HTTPS Web Interface
  • NMS Integration (SNMP Polling & Traps)
  • SCADA Integration (MODBUS Over TCP)
  • Device-Generated E-Mailed Alarms & Reports
  • HW Group PDMS Software
  • Box2Box (Physical Sensor/Input/Alarm Repeater)
  • SMS Alerts (When Combined With HWG-SMS-GW3)
  • HWG Push Protocol (Sensdesk Online Portal, Free!)

Intermittent Connectivity? Wireless Bridge!

Though the Poseidon2 devices lack WiFi, their logging capabilities make them a natural candidate for a small WiFi Bridge. Once set up, a bridge allows an ethernet-only device like the Poseidon2 to connect to wireless networks whenever in range.

A WiFi Bridge-enabled Poseidon2 mounted to a forklift might lose connectivity to the factory’s WiFi repeatedly during the day. Rather than be forced to deploy bigger and more expensive antennas before you’re ready, consider adding a WiFi Bridge to a Poseidon2 instead. 

At the end of the work-day, or when the machine comes back for recharge/refuel stops, the WiFi bridge will regain connectivity, enabling rapid and even automated downloading of the logs without any cables to plug in!

Logging Means No Worries!

The Poseidon Family of devices all store 250,000 sensor records on-board! Integrate a Poseidon2 into a company vehicle or mobile factory machine, and effortlessly download the device’s logs at the end of each day.

The device will allow you to configure the logging frequency, in seconds. The total time period the log can cover depends on that frequency – short periods mean more granular logging, but a shorter total duration that can be logged. Conversely, longer periods allow a much longer total duration, but reduce the granularity.

Below, TruePath Technologies has assembled a list of the total logging capacity of the Poseidon2 family of devices, given various log period settings.

Log Period ChosenResulting Total Log Capacity
1 Second11 Hours
10 Seconds4 Days
30 Seconds14 Days
60 Seconds27 Days
300 Seconds139 Days
600 Seconds279 Days

As long as power is present, the Poseidon2 will patiently collect & store samples from its sensors, keeping them safe until a network connection is made and the logs are downloaded.

Easy Downloading of Poseidon2 Logs

Logs can be obtained from the Poseidon2 family of devices in two easy ways:

  • Device’s Web GUI
    Simply visit the device’s IP address with any web browser.If HTTPS is desired, be sure to install and configure the appropriate certificates first!
  • HWG PDMS Software [Windows PCs]Free for up to 3 sensors, additional licenses available. Contact TruePath Technologies for more information!
    Software Download Link: http://www.hw-group.com/software/pdms/index_en.html
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