Make Markdown Useful Elsewhere With PanDoc

In this quick example, we’ll use PanDoc to convert a GitHub Flavored Markdown document into a Word .docx file suitable for printing, emailing, etc.

First, begin by obtaining PanDoc: [PanDoc Download]

Before using, be sure to read About PanDoc & CLI Options: [PanDoc User’s Guide]

Our CLI Quick-Start Example:

pandoc -f [format] -t [format] -o [out_file] [in_file]

-f [formatInput Format

-t [formatOutput Format

-o [filenameOutput Filename

Resulting GitHub MarkDown to DOCX (Microsoft Word) Conversion Command with PanDoc:

> pandoc -f gfm -t docx -o outfile.docx

PanDoc is Available for use in Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and BSD!

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