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HWg Ares 14 Tset


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HWg-Ares14 is a remote environment monitoring solution that can be used at any place with GSM coverage (Difference is in sensor number – HWg-Ares12=3sensors, HWg-Ares14=14 sensors). Contains a battery for several hours of backup. Alerts to power failures by email or SMS (up to 5 phone numbers). Data can be read into HWg-PDMS (free software), connected to a Web portal or to a SCADA/NMS system.
Ares 14 startup package with Universal power adaptor (US, EU, UK), Temperature sensor, QuadBand GSM antenna 3m, HWg-Ares 14 plain unit, montage plate, USB cable for configuration & CD with manual.




HWg-Ares 14 is a remote environment monitoring solution which only needs GSM signal coverage. The device contains an internal back-up battery and if an external power supply fails, up to 5 recipients are alerted by e-mail or text message. HWg-Ares 14 can be used also as a simple GSM thermometer. Simply connect external sensors (temperature, 4-20mA, humidity, light and other sensors) or two dry contacts and monitor all probes remotely. Sensor data can be read into HWg-PDMS (free software), connected with a Web portal or passed to a SCADA/NMS system. HWg-Ares is a complete GSM monitoring system – from sensors to MS Excel data export. GPRS traffic is cost-optimized. A unique feature is that you can mix LAN based IP sensors with the GSM/GPRS HWg-Ares devices. There is an available plugin for Nagios – most popular free SNMP monitoring software.

Applications and usage:

  • GPRS monitoring of a server room without connecting to the local LAN
  • Diesel generators – environment and status monitoring
  • Back-up power supply systems
  • ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) environment monitoring;Cooling systems and coolers
  • Antennas and microwave links
  • Technology along roads, highways, or railroad tracks
  • Road surface or railroad track temperature and status
  • Temperature and displacement of structures
  • Art exhibits and depositories
  • Agricultural production premises (greenhouses, granaries, etc.)
  • Electricity distribution networks (transformer stations, lines)
  • Road surface or railroad track temperature and status
  • Water source monitoring, including technical equipment status
  • Monitoring of appliances with consumable, refillable content (vending machines for coffee, sandwiches or drinks, massage chairs)

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