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Damocles MINI is Web-relay with 4 digital inputs and control 2 NO/NC relay outputs over the Web and M2M (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP). Dry contact event email or SNMP Trap alert. Damocles module MINI recommended starting set. Damocles MINI, wall plug power adaptor and manual included.

Damocles MINI controls two remote relays and four digital inputs (dry contacts) with a Web interface. The device switches a relay or checks the input states over an IP network. The Damocles MINI is a SNMP / WEB relay that is typically used to remotely switch On/Off other devices or to measure energy consumption (using pulse counters at the inputs). When an input contact is closed, Damocles sends an email with customized text. Optionally, the email can be sent after a defined delay (for example, to send an alert if a freezer door stays open for more than 5 minutes). A typical application is the sending of an email based on Dry contact inputs, remote restart or remote relay control. Relay outputs can be controlled over M2M protocols SNMP, XML over http or Modbus/TCP.

  • Control the relay over network – switch relay by three clicks on the mouse
  • Remote Web-Relay controlled over IP (snmp / xml / Modbus/TCP)
  • Pulse counter: energy consumption measurement over IP. Reading of the consumption in time from electrometers, flow meters, gas meters, ..
  • Monitoring of sensors of door opening, motion detectors, dangerous gas, etc.
  • Connecting of external inputs to SCADA systems
  • Remote control over IP – Opening of entry points (doors, gates, pikes and connecting of passage sensors) Monitoring of back-up power supply like UPS and Diesel-engines
  • Camera systems (door contacts, PIR sensors)s)
  • Measurement of number of persons/vehicles – counting of indoor state and number of passage of persons/vehicles

Live demo: http://damocles-2404.hwg.cz/values.xml//

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