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nBox NetFlow Hardware Appliance: 2 x 100 Gbit Fiber card

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nBox NetFlow Hardware Appliance

  • 2 x 100 Gbit Fiber card

nBox hardware appliance collects traffic using interfaces that receive packets through a passive tap (like tap/span port) or a switch mirror ports, and sends network flows in Net-FlowTM v5/v9/IPFIX format towards the configured network collector.

nBox has been developed on Linux, and thanks to an optimized Linux kernel with a specific module (PF_RING) that significantly improves the packet capture process on 1 and 100 Gbit networks. nBox is able to monitor network trunks at full speed without the need of a hardware accelerator card using the embedded and very intuitive web GUI.

  • High-performance embedded NetFlowTM v5/ v9/IPFIX probe.
  • Embedded NetFlowTM v5/v9/IPFIX collector. IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, GTP, GRE support. Easy to setup and configure.
  • No additional delay in both mirrored traffic and existing network.
  • User friendly web GUI for nProbe and ntopng.
  • Multiple collector mode for load balancing or redundancy.
  • Firmware and packages upgrade via Internet
  • Ability to dump NetFlowTM flows on-disk or on Database Server.
  • Over 130 Application protocols recognised by DPI library including email, messaging, P2P, Skype, Citrix.

nBox is easy to set-up and it is immediately ready for use with little effort.  nBox Recorder can be effectively used to perform:

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nBox Probe Cento Hardware Appliance

  • 2U 19″ rackmount server
  • Over 80 Mpps
  • Hot Swap 450W PSU w/ NEMA-15P (US) cord included
  • 2 x (10/100/1g) Onboard Mgmt Ports
  • 2 x ssd redundant boot drive
  • 1 x Dual PSU
  • 2 x Single 100Gbit CFP4, TCXO, PTP with Time Sync (No Optics) card
  • 2 x PF_RING ZC Napatech/Fiberblaze/Endace (per NIC) license
  • 1 x ntopng Enterprise license
  • 1 x Cento XL license
  • 1 year hardware warranty: 3-5 business days replacement
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