Sensor THPVoc 1W-UNI

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Sensor THPVoc 1W-UNI


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Sensor THPVoc 1W-UNI measures temperature  (-30 to + 70°C), and air humidity (0-100 %RH – Relative Humidity) as well as atmospheric pressure  (30 000 to 110 000 Pa) and air-quality  ( 0 to 60 000 ppb) concentration of volatile organic compounds – TVOC. 

The volatile organic compounds sensor detects the TVOC concentration in the air (in ppb – parts per billion).

Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, and TVOC sensor is housed in a small elegant plastic box and can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling or placed on a desk. It is small and lightweight so can be secured in place with a piece of double-sided adhesive tape. A detachable cable with RJ-11 jacks is used for the connection. Connection cable 3 m included in the package.

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