SolarWinds Additional Polling Engine

FirstLight offers support, configuration, and management services for the entire SolarWinds platform and all modules. FirstLight Technologies is a proud Technical Certified Partner of SolarWinds monitoring software, subscriptions, and support. SolarWinds is an industry leader in IT management solutions, offering some of the most effective, accessible, and easy to use network and systems management software available.

SolarWinds Additional Polling Engine


SolarWinds Additional Polling Engine for SolarWinds Unlimited Licenses (Standard Polling Throughput) – License with 1st Year Maintenance

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Orion Scalability Engines (Polling Engine) –¬†Extend your monitoring with enterprise class scalability for the Orion Platform.

Key Features

  • Increase polling frequency
  • Enhance visibility to remote sites
  • Expand monitoring to more elements
  • Help ensure high availability
  • Increase web console performance
  • Consolidate views
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