Sensor Hysteresis

The Hysteresis setting defines a tolerance band for alarm alerts. This feature prevents multiple alarm alerts if the reading oscillates around the specified threshold. See the graph for an explanation.

Without a hysteresis of 5°C, the alarm raised at point 8 would end at point 9. With the hysteresis function, the alarm continues until the temperature rises above the tolerance band (point 10), that is, 5°C + (-15°C) = -10°C. 

  • Hysteresis = 5°C (RED):
    • The unit sends 3 e-mails (SMS) 
    • Alarm at points 0..4, 8..10, 12 and beyond 
  • No hysteresis (0°C) (BLUE):
    • The unit sends 8 e-mails (SMS) 
    • Alarm at points 0..1, 2..3, 8..9, 12..13, 14 and beyond
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