Solarwinds adds the same node multiple time

If you notice that you have multiple entries for a single node or series of nodes, each sharing the same Node ID, you can confirm that you have this issue using the following criteria:

  • When you add a single node it shows up more than once in the ‘Managed Nodes’ page.
  • If you delete any of the node duplicates it deletes them all
  • All node duplications share the same node id
  • Duplicated nodes share the same community string

The cause is a duplication of the community string in the database. We just need to remove the duplication in the [dbo].[WebCommunityStrings] table.


Be sure you always have a backup of your database before making any changes to the database for Solarwinds.  Its better to have the backup just in case.

To fix the issue:

You’ll need to know the community string of the node(s) that are duplicated.

  1. Log into Main poller
  2. Open Database manager
  3. Locate [dbo].[WebCommunityStrings]
  4. Right click and ‘Query table’
  5. Then update the query with this:

 SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[WebCommunityStrings]

where communitystring = ‘YourCommunityStringGoesHere’

 You’ll get multiple lines showing a GUID and a Community string

 6.       Click on “Enable Table editing”

7.       Right click on the lines in the DB you wish to clear

8.       Click on delete

9.       Click on ‘Enable Table Editing’ to turn off the writing function in DB manager.

After you clear the additional entries from the database, refresh your ‘Managed Nodes’ page and the node instance will show only 1 time. You only need to do this 1 time for each unique community string, any additional node adds will not be duplicated.

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