Synchronize OP5 Peer’d Master Dashboards

This article will walk you through how to export the necessary tables from an OP5 peer’d master, and import them into a secondary master, to replicate the OP5 dashboards. 

To get started, log into the primary OP5 master that you would like to copy the dashboards from. Once logged in, run the following commands to export three tables from OP5’s merlin database: 

Export Database Tables:
mysqldump merlin dashboards > dashboards.sql
mysqldump merlin dashboard_widgets > dashboard_widgets.sql
mysqldump merlin permission_quarks > permission_quarks.sql
mysqldump merlin ninja_saved_filters > ninja_saved_filters.sql

Copy the exported *.sql files to the secondary peer’d master by running the following command:

scp *.sql root@<secondary_op5_peer'd_master>:~/

Run the commands below on secondary OP5 master to import the tables that you just exported and copied over from the primary:

Import Database Tables:
mysql merlin < dashboards.sql
mysql merlin < dashboard_widgets.sql
mysql merlin < permission_quarks.sql
mysql merlin < ninja_saved_filters.sql

To verify the import, go to the secondary master’s OP5 WebUI and confirm that you can see the imported dashboards.

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