TruePath’s Managed Service: Enterprise Principal Offering (EPO)

If you have an active Enterprise Principal Offering (EPO) contract with TruePath, then you’re welcome to reach out and contact our support team for help!  This document will cover the various ways you can reach out to our team.

Please refer to our official Terms page for more in-depth details of coverage.

Let’s Watch What An EPO Looks Like:

Scroll through and print our EPO below:

What’s Covered In An EPO:

Our EPO managed service adds skilled monitoring engineers to your team!  Contact us as frequently as you would any other team member.  If you have changed within the monitoring environment such as adds, deletes, etc, simply open a ticket and we’ll make the update.  If you have issues with alerts; missing or too many, just give us a call.  TruePath engineers become the ones responsible for making any/all changes within your monitoring tool(s).  Keep in mind too that beyond requests, we’ll also offer best practices to get the most of your environment.

Quarterly NOC and/or user training is included in the EPO service.  Just reach out to your sales rep and inquire about training dates.

Severity Levels:

When opening or creating a new online service ticket you have the ability to set your own Priority.  Please keep in mind that anything set to ‘Critical’ will page out all on-call engineering.  This should only be used when you find that your appropriate service is down hard, no workaround is available and customers are being impacted.  

Core Values:

We strive to provide the best customer service!  If at any time you find that anyone or anything within your experience is not following our company core values, we want to know and fix it immediately for you.

  • Company Core Values
    • Responsive 
    • Easy To Work With
    • Technical

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