Upgrade from Check_MK Raw Edition to Enterprise Edition

One question we at TruePath get asked quite often is, how do you upgrade to the enterprise edition of Check_MK from the raw edition? I’m happy to report that this process is quite straightforward. No need to rebuild your sites, just upgrade to the latest enterprise edition release and you’re ready to start using all the new features. Lets go through it together. 

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Important: Please ensure you have the latest stable version before you begin! If you received an email link, please make sure it matches the version found in the resources section of this article. 

If you’ve ever done a command line update with omd, you will recognize this procedure. First things first, lets download the latest version of the enterprise edition package for your Linux Distribution. You can find the download link in the resources section below. This command will download the file directly onto your monitoring server:

  • wget --user=(your username) --ask-password (download link)

Now we can install Check_MK Enterprise Edition with your distro’s package manager:


  • yum install check-mk-enterprise-(version).rpm 

Debian and Ubuntu

  • gdebi check-mk-enterprise-(version).deb


  • zypper check-mk-enterprise-(version).rpm

You should now have the latest enterprise edition set as your default Check_MK version. You can verify this by running the following command:

  • omd version

If your version ends with .cee, it is an enterprise edition. If it ends in .cre, we will need to set the new version as the default with:

  • omd setversion

So now we have the correct version installed and set to default. The next step is to upgrade our site. Before we do that however, we need to change into our site’s user account.

  • su (your site name)

Now we can stop our site, perform the upgrade, and start the site again.

  • omd stop
  • omd update
  • omd start

That’s it! Now when you log back into your Check_MK site, you will see your new version and you will be able to access all the new features that are available.

Important: Be sure to enabled CMC (Check_MK Micro Core) by running omd config set CORE cmc and enable Enterprise graphing

If you have any questions or would like assistance along the way, please feel free to ask! 






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