Profitap C1R-1G

Profitap C1R-1G

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Rack mountable copper 1G Network Tap. C1R-1G Taps avoid downtime in your 10/100/1000BaseT network. Once in place it enables you to monitor half/full duplex communication and move test equipment without breaking the circuit. The passive Tap is fully transparent to the network devices and mirrors full duplex trafic as if monitor devices were in-line. It has no IP address and is non-intrusive for 100% security. Unlike SPAN ports it monitors all seven protocol layers and any package size including errors.

The Permanent Network Link feature guarantees permanent network connectivity even when power fails. Fully IEEE 802.3 / 802.3af and VoIP compliant, it works at distances over 100mtr.

It is designed for redundant networking. Any network link failure is transferred to activate auto-negotiation or redundant path.

Self explanatory LED functions, each port shows the presence of both the Link and Activity, the Speed LEDs show if the TAP is in Speed negotiation mode or has agreed on a common Speed. Two power LEDs show redundant power.

Its low power consumption does not require an internal fan for cooling. The small fans used in competitors’ solutions make noise and shorten the lifespan of the product.

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