ProfiSharkTM 100M

ProfiSharkTM 100M

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All-In-One TAP Device & Troubleshooter for Your Industrial Network
Specially designed for the industrial networks, our ProfiShark 100M is a powerful and highly efficient network TAP and troubleshooter. With unparalleled network monitoring features, this signature tool is ideal for both regular Ethernet and Real-Time Industrial Internet.

Being ultra-compact and easy to use, it monitors all 7 OSI layers, it’s PoE compliant, while at the same time capturing and aggregating the entire full-duplex traffic of your network.

ProfiShark 100M is a straightforward solution and a universal tool for daily network troubleshooting. It’s perfect for the analysis of regular IP Networks and Industrial Network Protocols.


The ProfiShark 100M is designed for traffic capture on both regular Ethernet and Real-Time
Industrial Internet, making it the perfect troubleshooting tool for field engineers as well as for
long-term traffic collection. As an all-in-one network TAP in a pocket-sized box, this portable traffic
capture device gives you all the flexibility and ease of use you require for network monitoring.
The only additional hardware required is a PC with a free USB 2.0 port. The ProfiShark 100M captures packets of all sizes
and types and offers a wide assortment of hardware filters, statistics and configuration options, through the ProfiShark Manager.


  • 10/100 monitoring on USB 3.0
  • USB powered
  • Non-intrusive, fail-safe monitoring
  • Hardware aggregation
  • In-Line mode
  • 8 ns hardware timestamp
  • 802.3af and VoIP compliant
  • Customizable real time statistics
  • In-depth network port diagnostics
  • Low level error and bandwidth monitoring
  • Direct capture to disk
  • Invisible to the network
  • Live Capture
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