Profitap F1RL

Profitap F1RL

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With a compact design, this LC Fiber TAP provides full and secure in-line monitoring of your fiber network. An optical TAP specially built to guarantee a permanent network link. Available in Single-Mode and Multi-Mode.

This type of LC Fiber TAP is passive, doesn’t need a power source and can monitor all OSI layers. Also, it can be placed along with two other Profitap TAPs in a 1U Profitap Rack Frame.

Rack-Mountable 1-Link LC Fiber TAP (ref. F1RL)

The 1-Link LC Fiber TAP enables the monitoring of 1 LC
fiber optic link. Its compact design allows it to be placed
along with 2 other Profitap TAPs in a 1U Profitap Rack
Frame (ref. ARF-1U) for up to 3 TAPs in 1U rack space.

Profitap LC Fiber Optic TAPs are designed to enable flawless in-line monitoring of Single-Mode
and Multi-Mode fiber optic networks. They use LC connectors with low insertion loss zirconia
sleeve adapters, and are available in Single-Mode (1310/1550nm 9/125µm) and Multi-Mode
(850/1300nm 50µm and 62.5µm), with split ratios ranging from 50/50 to 80/20.

• Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
• Permanent network link guaranteed
• Monitoring of all OSI layers
• No packet loss
• No point of failure
• Passive, unpowered
• Various split ratios available
• 10-year warranty

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